Six Devices You’ll Want Under The Tree

You don't want to leave your home this holiday season unprotected! Smart Secure offers everything to keep your home safe whether you are home or off visiting family. Stay connected so you know if there's an emergency that you can handle without it costing a fortune.

Door/Window Mini

  • Encrypted door/window sensor that can be placed on anything that opens and closes.
  • Use as "safety sensor" for medicine cabinets, safes, storage closets and more.
  • Set up automations like "when window open, adjust thermostat" or "if door open, turn light on".

Smart Outlets

  • Allows control to turn any plug on or off remotely, such as Christmas trees and lights.
  • Plugs into any standard outlet.
  • Set automation rules such as "turn on at 6am", or
    turn off at 11pm".
  • Acts as Z-Wave repeater for wider home automation network coverage.

Video Doorbell Camera

  • Get text messages when there is motion on the front porch or someone rings the doorbell.
  • See who is at your front door at any time.
  • Answer the door from your phone.
  • Gives control to unlock your front door to allow mail services to place packages inside the home.

Flood Sensors

  • Great for installing at the base of water heaters, washing machines, sinks and more.
  • Know if there’s a burst pipe from frozen temps or worse.
  • Get email or text alerts if there is water detected.
  • Water “bug” can be fastened to floor or wall.

Photo Electric Smoke Sensors

  • “Always on” technology ensures the sensor is monitored around the clock, whether the system is armed or not.
  • Ultra-sensitive smoke sensors prevent false alarms.
  • Heat sensors detects rapid rise in heat from fire 0 even when there is no smoke (i.e. electrical fire).

Window Shock Senors

  • Detects impact caused by breaking glass or forced entries.
  • Wireless shock sensor with door/window sensor built-in.
  • Shock detections “pre-warn” sounder to warn off any potential intruders.

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